What’s the biggest mistake people make with their money?

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How about not saving enough for your retirement? Not taking a long-term approach to investing? Or not having a financial plan? These are certainly mistakes to avoid. 

But we believe the biggest mistake people make with their money is not aligning what you do with it, to what’s most important to you.

The key is to get clear on what’s most important to you, then make sure you use your money in ways that help you live your best life possible.

Unfortunately, most people don’t consciously do this because they see their money as an end, a goal, something to be chased after. All that effort, 40 hours (at least) every week, but do we feel like we’re getting anywhere?

Money isn’t a goal. It’s not a destination. It’s not the sea you’re sailing. It’s not even the boat. Money is the sail you use to get you where you want to go. And the wind in the sail is your values.

We’re afraid to step off the hamster wheel because we have bills to pay and families to support. We’ll retire “someday”, when we’re “financially set” and do all the things we want to do. But when and how much is “enough” anyway?

Often someday never comes. We stay on the wheel. And retirees who can’t shake the “never enough” mentality end up pinching pennies instead of enjoying the life they have left.

So, what really matters to you? Who are the people you love? What are your passions? Your hobbies? The causes that really matter to you? The things you would love to do if time and money were no object? How important are material possessions to you?

If owning things makes you happy then plan to buy as much as you can. If walking your dog in the park makes you happier than the latest gadget, then you will have worked out what you need to change. There is no right answer here, just the answer that is right for you.

Imagine what your life would be like if the way you thought about, spend and invest your money was in 100% agreement with what is most important to you. Would that be a happier and more fulfilled life?

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Simon Phippen
Simon trained as a Management Accountant and has an MBA from ESCP in Paris. He brings his financial and business management skills, developed in a wide range of industries, to the operational running of Riverfall. Simon uses the fact that he is not a financial adviser to ensure that Riverfall’s thinking is always client-focused and often challenges some of the ways in which the advice business has traditionally been conducted. His experience of working in world class organisations has taught him the importance of building a team around a strong set of values which is then reflected in a great customer experience. All team members are trusted to have delegated responsibility and are encouraged to come forward with new ideas to improve the business and its services. What the Riverfall team say: “Accountant, poet and fearless leader, is there no limit to the man’s talents”.