'Joined-Up-Expertise' to deliver a remarkable client experience

The value of pensions and investments and the income they produce can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested.


‘Joined-Up-Expertise’ to deliver a remarkable client experience

At Riverfall we have learned from experience the value that can be added for a client when their financial and legal advisers work together and combine their expertise to provide a great client outcome. So we are pioneering the concept of ‘Joined-Up-Expertise’, to describe how we like to collaborate by referral with our fellow professionals, accountants and solicitors.

When was the last time your clients saw their accountant, solicitor and financial adviser all together in the same room? We now operate in an environment where regulators and clients expect a proactive and holistic approach to legal and financial challenges. The days of “silo thinking” have now passed for forward thinking professional firms. You are looking to provide a comprehensive service for your clients to ensure their satisfaction and develop synergies with other professional firms to improve the client experience and develop new business.

How we can help you


An accountant once told us “accountants look backwards, financial advisers look forwards”(!).

We like to work with forward looking accountants, so that together we can offer a complete picture of the client’s current circumstances and then build on that solid foundation to create client solutions in areas such as tax planning, cash flow modelling, estate planning and pension advice. For those clients who are business owners we can offer a business financial planning service that reconciles their personal, legal and financial objectives with those of their business.


We understand the commercial and regulatory pressure on solicitors to offer a more complete client service. Other professions are starting to encroach onto the traditional legal playing field and all professionals can now be held accountable for not just what they have done but also for what they have not and should have done.

We understand that we need to work with your compliance officer to establish due diligence and define the areas of expertise we can bring to your panel of financial advisers. We would expect to find synergies in areas such as trusts and estate planningcash flow modelling, investment advice and later life issues such as equity release or long term care planning.

Accountants and Solicitors are not regulated by the FCA.


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  • "Clarkson Accountancy are a trusted firm of accountants providing accounting solutions to small and medium sized businesses. We provide a high standard of service and in return we expect the same high level from our contacts and suppliers. I would not hesitate to recommend Shaun and the team. I know that Riverfall Financial work tremendously hard to ensure that their customers receive an outstanding service at a very competitive price" Lisa Clarkson FMAAT, Clarkson Accountancy