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The Challenge

This successful company in the East Midlands had accumulated significant cash within the business and the two directors’ main concerns were around how they could maximise their personal wealth and minimise tax in a safe and efficient way

Our Solution

Once we had the opportunity to understand their goals, values and what was important to both of them, we worked in collaboration with their accountant and solicitor to create a series of solutions that formed part of an overall financial plan.

We were able to help them to implement the financial plan that included using some of their existing arrangements, building on what they already had and creating a framework that properly protected their business for each other and their families.

They are now in a position to move a property asset from the company’s ownership to their own, securing a long-term income that will serve them both well in years to come and is also protected from any future creditors of the business.

These two directors now have a financial plan for their future that is truly about reducing risk from life’s unexpected surprises and maximising their personal wealth.

What’s your next step?

We offer all prospective clients an initial discovery meeting with one of our financial advisers at our expense, to see if we can be of help to you.

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Simon Phippen
Simon trained as a Management Accountant and has an MBA from ESCP in Paris. He brings his financial and business management skills, developed in a wide range of industries, to the operational running of Riverfall. Simon uses the fact that he is not a financial adviser to ensure that Riverfall’s thinking is always client-focused and often challenges some of the ways in which the advice business has traditionally been conducted. His experience of working in world class organisations has taught him the importance of building a team around a strong set of values which is then reflected in a great customer experience. All team members are trusted to have delegated responsibility and are encouraged to come forward with new ideas to improve the business and its services. What the Riverfall team say: “Accountant, poet and fearless leader, is there no limit to the man’s talents”.